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 Francesco Gabbani – free concert – Cous Cous Fest 2017

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Friday 22  September, Francesco Gabbani arrives on stage in Piazza Sanctuary, a real success of the Sanremo Festival 2017. The tuscan singer-songwriter will present live his last album ‘Magellan’ which contains the winning song of the Big 67 ^ Sanremo Festival, Occidentali’s Karma, certified with triple platinum thanks to over 150 thousand downloads and streamings, with over 81 million views on YouTube and the record of video of an Italian artist saw more in one day with 4,353,802 views made Sunday, February 12.




10 August 2017  –  Goblet of Stars 

Calici di Stelle is the most awaited event of the year, when the Contessa Entellina estate prepares for the Nighttime Harvest and opens to the public on the night of San Lorenzo. Donnafugata welcomes visitors for a tour of the vineyards by moonlight with grape tasting, a tour of the vinifi cation cellar and an extraordinary tasting in the estate’s charming garden.


Guided Tour: Tour of the vineyards by moonlight and the vinification cellar

Artistic Performance in Vineyard

Wine: Tasting of all the company’s wine and a selection of historic vintages

box calici di stelle
Photo from Donnafugata 2015



International Street Food Festival

9th EDITION – 26 27 28 29 30 JULY 2017

The event, celebrating the street food of the Mediterranean, is scheduled this year in late July in the square of the Fish Market, a strikingly beautiful and unique, which lives in its natural size to welcome tourists and fans.A big party that offers visitors a great experience, to live, to enjoy and to tell … A pretty route where taste, culture and traditions are intertwined and where you can taste typical from different places of our country and foreign countries. Many are the specialties that characterize the gourmet itinerary of the event: panelle, arancine, sfincioni, rascadura, focacce, panini cà meusa, dolci, typical trapanese food, and al so typical food from Pantelleria, Friuli region, Serbian, Roman and more! An unmissable event along four days that will make the capital of Trapani taste of the Mediterranean.

Photo from Stragusto Event in 2015


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Kals' festival, Palermo

Kals'Art music and art festival, held into mid-September. Kals’Art is a two month long festival of music, cinema and theatre performances that takes place in various locations throughout the city of Palermo. Kals’Art is promoted by the Municipal Administration, every year presents a busy summer programme. It covers music (mostly ethnic, jazz and emerging local pop bands), cinema (open-air screenings, mostly in Italian), theatre (daily performances in Italian during the middle fortnight of the festival) and art (mostly modern). There are various venues of Kals’art: Piazza Magione, Piazza Kalsa, lo Spasimo, the Old Railway Engine Depot at Sant’Erasmo, the Sant’Anna Complex, and the Galleria Expa - breathe anew an air that is laden with cultural allusions, many reaching far back to the most ancient of Palermo traditions. For information: tel 0039 091.6058351 email:

Date: 15-07-2018
Location: Palermo

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Saint Rosalie, Palermo

Processions, festivals, plays, fireworks. The festivity to celebrate the Saint came to be called affectionately “the Festino” (literally meaning “little feast”) and Santa Rosalia got the name of “Santuzza” (“little Saint”) in order to express the great affection that the people of Palermo ever after felt for their patron Saint, an expression of daily trust, almost a sense of personal identification. The Feast have a special place in the hearts of many residents, this festival is the most famous and popular in Sicily. During the week of the festival the city becomes an open-air theater. The highlight is a 15m (50-ft.) high float known as the carro, which is paraded through the streets along with a statue of Santa Rosalia on a huge cart drawn by horses. Torchlight processions are conducted to the saint's shrine on Monte Pellegrino, where the saint is said to have appeared in a vision to a hunter. Bands, dancers, African drums, religious choruses, fantastic fireworks, theatrical performances, and feasts featuring everything from delectable tiny snails to fantastic gelato characterize the event. Tourist office in Palermo at tel. 0039 091-583847.

Date: 14-07-2018
Location: Palermo

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Festa Muzzuni, Alcara Li Fusi

That's one of the anciest pagan celebration in Europe. It lasts in Alcara every year on 24th June, Saint John's Day, in coincidence with Summer Solstice, to propitious fertility's rites. Nowaday religious and pagan feast verge together in a spectcular event: in the morning there are the religious celebrations, in the afternoon starts the pagan feast. Women don't married prepare the "Muzzuni",: a neck hub bottle (remembering Baptiste), wrapped in a silk foulard, with wheat ear germinate in the dark, with smell twigs and flowers. The girl, which replace ancient priestless, decorate the altars with the «pizzare», handmade blankets, jewels and gold. The stems of wheat the rich decoration remember magical offers to Demetra, the goddess of the earth, asking and thanking for the fertility of the land and of the women. Around the Muzzuni a large crowd of people dance and sing "chanson" exchanging love and frindship promises.

Date: 24-06-2018
Location: Alcara Li Fusi

Feast of ‘ San Calogero’, Naro

Celebrated on the 18th June the procession of saint’s sacred image, to which thaumaturgical powers are attributed and many cultural representations take place.

Date: 18-06-2018
Location: Naro

Film Festival, Taormina

June (Every year) The Taormina International Film Festival takes place in the Palazzo dei Congressi and in Taormina's famous Greek Theatre. It is a competitive film festival screening film previews, independent features, documentaries, shorts and tributes to filmmakers of the past. As is its custom, the festival dedicates considerable attention to Italian cinema and Sicilian film making in particular. More information Milena Privitera tel. 0039 0942 21142

Date: 15-06-2018
Location: Taormina

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Teatro della Verdura, Palermo

Verdura Festival - June - August (Every year) Variety is what the Verdura Festival in Palermo's Teatro delle Verdure is all about. For information: tel 0039 091.6058351 email:

Date: 15-06-2018
Location: Palermo

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Kubbaita, Troina

(Every year)info on the esact date 0039 800-332026 Kubbaita, an ancient horse-race of Arab origins, takes place in Troina's main square, and at the end of it you can try torrone (a Sicilian sweet), free of charge. The event celebrates the conquering of Troina's castle by the Earl Ruggero. It takes its name from the cobbaita sweet that the participants carry with them during the race. At the end the sweets are distributed to the crowds of spectators.

Date: 06-06-2018
Location: Troina

Holy Savior festivities, Cefalu

Holy Savior festivities with music, typical food, games. In June, for information and esact date please contact: Azienda del turismo Cefalu Corso Ruggero, 77 90015 Cefalu' (PA), Italy +39 0921 923424

Date: 06-06-2018
Location: Cefalù

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Solmusic Festival, Palermo

June (Every year, please check dates and time tel. 39 (0)91 626 6654) Palermo's Giardino Inglese (English Garden) is the venue for the Solmusic festival, dedicated to emerging local bands. The bands participating at Solmusic compete and a panel of music experts declare a winning group. This is an opportunity to be introduced to finer Sicilian talent in beautiful surroundings. Venue Giardino Inglese: Viale della Liberta, Palermo, Sicily. The English Garden is Palermo's most renowned public garden, boasting a lovely landscape and beautiful fountains. The park is situated in the heart of town

Date: 01-06-2018
Location: Palermo

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Feast of Saint George, Ragusa

Last Sunday of May Ceremonies and Fireworks

Date: 25-05-2018
Location: Ragusa

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