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Cous Cous Fest 2018 – San Vito lo Capo

Many delicious specialties will give you a wink from the stands … scents, flavors and colors that you can bring home or enjoy directly on the spot. Do not miss the opportunity to make a really nice gift to yourself and your friends!

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San Vito Climbing Festival

The 3rd edition of San Vito Lo Capo Climbing Festival, an international meeting of sport climbers, will be held from October 6th – 10th in the climbing areas of San Vito Lo Capo. The goal of this festival, where climbers from all over Europe compete on Sicilian rock, is to provide participants with a party atmosphere and four intense days of climbing in one of the most beautiful places of the island.

Date: 06-10-2019
Location: San Vito Lo Capo, Trapani

Couscous Festival. San Vito lo Capo

On the north-western coast of Sicily, huddled in the shelter of the bay between the Zingaro Nature Reserve to the west and the Mount Cofano Nature Reserve to the east, lies the first international capital of couscous, the dish of peace that symbolises integration between different peoples and cultures. Sincere hospitality, imaginative cooking and the best Sicilian wines accompany the visitor through the history and geography of this enchanting corner of Sicily. The Couscous Festival, dedicated to North African gastronomy, is held every year on the beautiful seafront of San Vito Lo Capo, offering the chance to try some wonderful dishes in one of the loveliest seaside resorts in western Sicily. North African ingredients, smells, spices and flavours have long become an ubiquitous feature of Sicilian cooking. The festival celebrates a typical dish of North African origins, cooked with fresh fish or vegetables. Entrance is free, but the food is not. The couscous with fish soup and chunks of swordfish is a must. Alongside the main event there is a full week of entertainment, including fusion and global music concerts, tastings of Sicilian wines, cultural events and evenings dedicated to fine cuisine. <a href="" target="_blank">link</a>

Date: 22-09-2019
Location: San Vito lo Capo

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Lampedusa Procession

The most important folk festival of Lampedusa takes place in September and is dedicated to the Madonna of Porto Salvo, patron and protector of the Island. The party begins on the first Sunday of September, since the Statue is carried on its shoulders with a procession, from the Shrine to the Church in the center. Here the simulacrum will remain exposed until September 22, a holiday day for the island, in fact, always in procession, the Statue of Our Lady is carried on the streets of the country. At the end of the festivities are featuring fireworks, the popular games in the square, the famous fish festival, performances and band concerts, on 23 September a last procession re-accompanies the Madonna at the Shrine after crossing the harbor with hymns and Particular dialect shouts.

Date: 22-09-2019
Location: Lampedusa

Cous Cous Fest

Cous Cous Fest is the International Festival of cultural integration is an important event which is being renewed for fourteen years, his involvement in a party atmosphere all the countries of the euro-Mediterranean and beyond. The next edition of the event is scheduled in San Vito Lo Capo 20 to 25 September 2011. Undisputed star of the event is cous cous dish rich in history and an element of synthesis between cultures, a symbol of openness, hybridization and contamination. The center and 'the race which brings together international gourmet chefs from around the world. All in the beautiful setting of this fishing village which with its warm climate, its sea and its beautiful beaches is the ideal location for a little while longer 'a nice relaxing summer holidays. The event is a festive occasion, with the flavors, culinary challenge between chefs, meetings and discussions will alternate performances on stage at Cous Cous Fest numerous international artists.

Date: 20-09-2019
Location: San Vito Lo Capo

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Rosso Aglio e Bianco Sale

The magic of salt at sunset, the traditional salt collection with "salinai" songs, the garlic cooking and garlic techniques, authentic and genuine tastes, the beauty of the wildlife and the flora of the Naturally oriented Salt Lake Reserve in Trapani And Paceco, this and much more is "Red Garlic and White Salt" the event scheduled on 9 and 10 September in the Nubia Salt Museum area. Two days rich in food and wine events, guided tours, concerts, exhibition-market, and every evening at sunset the evocative show of manual salt collection. An ancient ritual that besides being a must-see event, thanks to a unique scenario among water tanks, windmills and white pyramids that become pink at sunset, is also an important productive reality of the coast of Trapani, located within the integral natural reserve Of the Saline of Trapani and Paceco, managed by the WWF. Every day, near the "Salt Museum" of Nubia, a gastronomic village will welcome visitors who will be able to taste some specialties of Trapani. Guided tours of the Saline Reserve of Trapani and Paceco to admire the natural beauty of the protected area in the company of WWF experts and the Saline and Nature Association. Only by reservation directly from During the event you will also be able to visit the Salt Museum for free. The "Red Garlic and White Salt" event is organized by the Municipality of Paceco in collaboration with the Sicilian Regional Assembly, the "Trapani Welcome" association, the natural reserve of the Trapani and Paceco, the Saline and Nature Association, , The Nubia Red Garlic Consortium, the "Salviamo i mulini" Association, ProLoco di Paceco, the FIAB (Italian Bicycle Friendship Federation), the "Nuara" Gourmet Culture Center. For information and to book guided tours, please call 340 2427212 or visit

Date: 09-09-2019
Location: Saline di Nubia, Trapani

Madonna della Luce, Mistretta

7-8 September Madonna della Luce procession with floats, costumed participants. link

Date: 07-09-2019
Location: Mistretta

Festa di Santa Rosalia

Day 3 September, day of the first vespers of solemnity, Holy Mass in the Church Mother, traveling Bandistic performances in the quarters and Questua. Day 4 September the expected day. The clou of festivities with the solemn Eucharistic liturgy in the Mother Church in Piazza Garibaldi and at 11.30 am the traditional shoot of the mortars, then the traditional rite of the "Day of Memory" at the monument to the fallen, On-the-Car of the Carabinieri The deposition of a laurel wreath by the Mayor. In the afternoon, all the inhabitants wait with fervor and faith, the exit of Santa Patrona from the church and the procession with the simulacrum in the streets of the country. The evening ends with the show of pyrotechnic games. Side manifestations, and a traditional fair with stalls that fill the primitive road and the belvedere of the city.

Date: 03-09-2019
Location: Campofelice di Roccella

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Saint Bartholomeo, Lipari

Festival features fireworks display.

Date: 24-08-2019
Location: Lipari

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Sea Music Festival, Pantelleria

End of August, for info 0039 0923 - 911838 The Sea Music Festival presents five days of world music concerts in Pantelleria's main square, Piazza Cavour.

Date: 24-08-2019
Location: Pantelleria

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San Sebastian, Mistretta

A procession to celebrate the martyr San Sebastiano takes place in the streets of Mistretta in both January and August every year, featuring live music and colourful religious paraphernalia. San Sebastiano was an outstanding soldier under the Roman emperors Diocleziano and Massimiano. He was also a Christian, for which he was condemned to death, miraculously surviving an attempted execution by archers. Roman troops eventually caught him and drowned him, with no miracle saving his life a second time.

Date: 18-08-2019
Location: Mistretta