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 Francesco Gabbani – free concert – Cous Cous Fest 2017

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Friday 22  September, Francesco Gabbani arrives on stage in Piazza Sanctuary, a real success of the Sanremo Festival 2017. The tuscan singer-songwriter will present live his last album ‘Magellan’ which contains the winning song of the Big 67 ^ Sanremo Festival, Occidentali’s Karma, certified with triple platinum thanks to over 150 thousand downloads and streamings, with over 81 million views on YouTube and the record of video of an Italian artist saw more in one day with 4,353,802 views made Sunday, February 12.




10 August 2017  –  Goblet of Stars 

Calici di Stelle is the most awaited event of the year, when the Contessa Entellina estate prepares for the Nighttime Harvest and opens to the public on the night of San Lorenzo. Donnafugata welcomes visitors for a tour of the vineyards by moonlight with grape tasting, a tour of the vinifi cation cellar and an extraordinary tasting in the estate’s charming garden.


Guided Tour: Tour of the vineyards by moonlight and the vinification cellar

Artistic Performance in Vineyard

Wine: Tasting of all the company’s wine and a selection of historic vintages

box calici di stelle
Photo from Donnafugata 2015



International Street Food Festival

9th EDITION – 26 27 28 29 30 JULY 2017

The event, celebrating the street food of the Mediterranean, is scheduled this year in late July in the square of the Fish Market, a strikingly beautiful and unique, which lives in its natural size to welcome tourists and fans.A big party that offers visitors a great experience, to live, to enjoy and to tell … A pretty route where taste, culture and traditions are intertwined and where you can taste typical from different places of our country and foreign countries. Many are the specialties that characterize the gourmet itinerary of the event: panelle, arancine, sfincioni, rascadura, focacce, panini cà meusa, dolci, typical trapanese food, and al so typical food from Pantelleria, Friuli region, Serbian, Roman and more! An unmissable event along four days that will make the capital of Trapani taste of the Mediterranean.

Photo from Stragusto Event in 2015


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Feast of Saint George, Ragusa

Last Sunday of May Ceremonies and Fireworks

Date: 25-05-2018
Location: Ragusa

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Infiorata, Noto

The residents of Noto (south east) prepare a magnificent carpet of flowers along Via Nicolaci, in the historic core. Themes are taken from religion or mythology. The festival features crafts shows, performances of sacred music, and tours of religious sites, followed by dances and parades of flower-bedecked antique carriages. Check the exact dates and information 0039 0931 573779

Date: 16-05-2018
Location: Noto

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Beach Festival, Mondello

Mondello (Palermo). Beach Festival, held second week of May. Beach combines music, entertainment, culture, and sports in a week-long celebration held on Mondello Beach.

Date: 15-05-2018
Location: Mondello

Carriage Festival, Taormina

Sicilian Carriage Festival (traditional horse carts and costumes).

Date: 01-05-2018
Location: Taormina

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Ricotta Festival, Vizzini

Coincides with Saint Mark's Day and Liberation Day.

Date: 25-04-2018
Location: Vizzini

Artichoke Festival, Cerda

Free Artichokes and music.

Date: 25-04-2018
Location: Cerda

Good Friday, Trapani

For over four hundreds years every Holy Friday the tradition of the Procession of the collection of Sacred Saints of Via Crucis, known as “I Misteri” is repeated. The Procession involves a two kilometre journey in which thousands of local citizens and tourists coming from all over the world participate. The “Misteri” are a collection of twenty sculptures made of canvas, wood and glue that represent the phases of the Passion and the Death of Jesus. The statues, which stand on a wooden base, are decorated with silver jewellery and floral decorations and they are carried on the shoulders of men who transport them on the journey in the characteristic “annacata” way, a movement which the carriers stamp out to the music of the bands. The statues were designed between the XVII century and the XVIII century by local artists and they are characterised by the deep expressiveness of their faces and for the precision of their engravings. They are conserved throughout the year in the Chiesa del Purgatorio from which they emerge at 2:00 p.m. every Holy Friday, and once the Procession is over on Holy Saturday the following morning, they are returned to the church. On the day of the Procession, Trapani is transformed into a mixture of sacredness and folklore, and the town has maintained these unchanged characteristics for centuries.

Date: 25-03-2018
Location: Trapani

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The Scinnuta is a ritual that is now celebrating the seventeenth century. and is that in the Friday of Lent one or more groups are moved in front of the altar full of ornaments, flowers as it was the day of the procession, to celebrate the Holy Mass presided often S.E. the Bishop. The special event is gathered in the fact that it is accompanied, before and after the Mass, the funeral notes of the Music Banda called for the occasion as if the voice of the Mysteries wants to prepare his people to the much anticipated "Vennari Santu". 17.15: 1st Part funeral chants performed by the "Sorrows" Banda Pietro Mascagni Trapani 18.30: Holy Rosary; 19.00 Eucharistic Celebration presided by S.E. Mgr Pietro Maria Fragnelli - Bishop of Trapani; 20.00: 2nd Part funeral chants performed by the "Sorrows" Banda Pietro Mascagni Trapani.

Date: 25-03-2018
Location: Trapani

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Easter day, Adrano

Folk representation in Adrano, little village that lies near the foot of Mount Etna, (Catania) called the Diavolata and Angelicata. It is a verbal battle between five devils led by Lucifer and angel impersonated by a child. Ofcourse it ends with the triumph of good over evil.

Date: 23-03-2018
Location: Adrano

Easter Sunday, Gangi

An interesting event happens on Easter Sunday in Gangi (in Palermo province) there are various rituals and processions with an unusual competition between saints. Devotees of the Madonna compete against those who venerate Jesus. The main event consists of creating the best decorations in the Duomo square.

Date: 23-03-2018
Location: Gangi