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Good Friday, Trapani

For over four hundreds years every Holy Friday the tradition of the Procession of the collection of Sacred Saints of Via Crucis, known as “I Misteri” is repeated. The Procession involves a two kilometre journey in which thousands of local citizens and tourists coming from all over the world participate. The “Misteri” are a collection of twenty sculptures made of canvas, wood and glue that represent the phases of the Passion and the Death of Jesus. The statues, which stand on a wooden base, are decorated with silver jewellery and floral decorations and they are carried on the shoulders of men who transport them on the journey in the characteristic “annacata” way, a movement which the carriers stamp out to the music of the bands. The statues were designed between the XVII century and the XVIII century by local artists and they are characterised by the deep expressiveness of their faces and for the precision of their engravings. They are conserved throughout the year in the Chiesa del Purgatorio from which they emerge at 2:00 p.m. every Holy Friday, and once the Procession is over on Holy Saturday the following morning, they are returned to the church. On the day of the Procession, Trapani is transformed into a mixture of sacredness and folklore, and the town has maintained these unchanged characteristics for centuries.

Date: 25-03-2019
Location: Trapani

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The Scinnuta is a ritual that is now celebrating the seventeenth century. and is that in the Friday of Lent one or more groups are moved in front of the altar full of ornaments, flowers as it was the day of the procession, to celebrate the Holy Mass presided often S.E. the Bishop. The special event is gathered in the fact that it is accompanied, before and after the Mass, the funeral notes of the Music Banda called for the occasion as if the voice of the Mysteries wants to prepare his people to the much anticipated "Vennari Santu". 17.15: 1st Part funeral chants performed by the "Sorrows" Banda Pietro Mascagni Trapani 18.30: Holy Rosary; 19.00 Eucharistic Celebration presided by S.E. Mgr Pietro Maria Fragnelli - Bishop of Trapani; 20.00: 2nd Part funeral chants performed by the "Sorrows" Banda Pietro Mascagni Trapani.

Date: 25-03-2019
Location: Trapani

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Easter day, Adrano

Folk representation in Adrano, little village that lies near the foot of Mount Etna, (Catania) called the Diavolata and Angelicata. It is a verbal battle between five devils led by Lucifer and angel impersonated by a child. Ofcourse it ends with the triumph of good over evil.

Date: 23-03-2019
Location: Adrano

Easter Sunday, Gangi

An interesting event happens on Easter Sunday in Gangi (in Palermo province) there are various rituals and processions with an unusual competition between saints. Devotees of the Madonna compete against those who venerate Jesus. The main event consists of creating the best decorations in the Duomo square.

Date: 23-03-2019
Location: Gangi

Good Friday - Dance of the Devils

Dance of the Devils. (Il Ballo dei Diavoli) A religious drama held in the main town square of Prizzi that is a small village situated in Sicily inland, not far from the famous Corleone. (Piazza Umberto I) The Dance of the Devils is performed by villagers wearing large and terrifying iron masks and pretend to be devils dancing through the streets collecting the souls of the villagers.

Date: 21-03-2019
Location: Prizzi

Feast of the Schietti, Terrasini

Terrasini (Palermo) It consists that the unmarried men demonstrate their strength to the local girls raising an orange tree with only one arm ( the tree weights about 50 kilos)

Date: 21-03-2019
Location: Terrasini

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Good Friday (Greek-Orthodox) Piana degli Albanesi

Piana degli Albanesi (Palermo) The Easter celebrations in Piana degli Albanesi, (Albanian community) feature sacred music and Greek-Orthodox rites held all over the town. There are sacred musical pieces performed on Good Friday narrating the passion and death of Christ.

Date: 21-03-2019
Location: Piana degli Albanesi

Good Friday, Pietraperzia

On Good Friday in the main square of Pietraperzia, Piazza del Carmine (Enna province) there is a big celebrations with a spectacular procession by over 500 participants

Date: 21-03-2019
Location: Pietraperzia

Saint Corrado

Saint Corrado is celebrated by the inhabitants of Noto (Syracuse) twice a year: 19 February, day of his death, and the last week of August. On both dates there is a procession of the saint's mortal remains through the town with celebrations of devouts. During the procession of 19 February the effigy of the saint is taken round some churches in Noto and according to the tradition when it arrives in front of St Antonio church it seems to become so heavy that it is impossible to lift it up despite the devouts' efforts.

Date: 19-02-2019
Location: Noto

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Carnival Celebrations

40 days before Easter The carnival celebrated in Acireale (Catania) boasts an old tradition that dates back to the 16th century. It is certainly more grand than the carnival of Sciacca and has gained the reputation as “the most beautiful carnival in Sicily”. Workers in Acireale get refined in the manufacture of allegorical floats, more and more sophisticated and coloured, and floats decorated with flowers, more and more gigantic, that reach the same importance of the allegorical ones

Date: 13-02-2019
Location: Acireale

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