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Diving and Fishing

The Island of Marettimo

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The most isolated of the Egadi Islands, it is also the most beautiful and spectacular of the whole archipelago. Ten kilometres of coasts descending from a number of mountains almost 700m high separates this beautiful from an exceptional sea. There is only one small town on the island made up of a few hundred white houses, facing two small marinas, where tourist can find accommodation in well-furnished apartments with kitchen use. There are no hotel, camping or other large-scale tourism apart from some trattorie (restaurants), bars and local shops.

The Voglia di Mare Diving Center is made even more special thanks to guides that since 1998 join the divers to discover the beautiful reefs of the island. The guides know the reefs very well, so meeting all the fishes, that live in this place, is guaranteed and every dive is unique and beautiful.

For Free Diving, Apnea Training and Fishing in Marettimo: www.ilovepescasub.com

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